I am a game developer graduated from the Game Development Advanced Diploma at Algonquin College. I am currently working on innovative technological solutions at Gestión Tecnológica in El Salvador. 

I specialise as a gameplay programmer, with experience coding in both C++ and C#. As part of the Game Development Program at Algonquin College capstone project, I also had the opportunity of being a programmer for Trick Coaster: Pro Shooter,  a VR game using the HTC Vive. This later provided me with the opportunity of working in other amazing VR projects such as the Steampunk Gala Demo and the DARE District Virtual Tour. While my experience at Gestión Tecnológica allowed me to further my learning into areas of game development not often thought about, such as databases, front-end, unit testing, app development, etc. 

My passion for video game development  comes from being awed by how video games combine a multitude of different skill sets  (programming, art, writing, sound, etc.) to provide fun to players and/or make them get lost in a fictional world. As a video game player, I have always enjoyed strategy games because of the sheer depth of stats and data hidden in the game, and First Person Shooters because of how they manage to make quick and enjoyable game loops that the player can enjoy without spending too much time on the game.

Steampunk Gala Demo at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Play through multiple scenarios in a steampunk representation of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Front view of the virtual reality version of the Algonquin College DARE District

Explore Algonquin's College new DARE District  (previously known as IELC) building in virtual reality on an online enviroment.

Demo Reel