DARE District Virtual Tour

Date: June, 2017 - October, 2017

Platform: PC/HTC Vive

A virtual reality tour for Algonquin's College new building,  DARE District (Discovery, Applied Research, and Entrepreneurship), previously known as IELC. This tour provided the architects designing the building, and other college employees, a preview of how the building would look like, before it was build.

This tour was an online experience, allowing multiple to explore the new building together in the same environment. The tour also contained multiple tools for the architects to measure, annotate, etc.

This software was shown at multiple events, including :

  • Administrative Services Coordinating Committee Conference 2017 (ASCC 2017)  a event that gathered over 100 administrators from the Ontario's College network.  The tour was presented in a session, explaining the importance of virtual reality as an interactive development tool.    
  • Algonquin College's Applied Research Day August 2017
  • Algonquin College's 2017 President's Breakfast
  • Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC) MOST21 Mobilization Day at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum
  • AC Day 1, Algonquin College orientation for the Fall 2017 term
  • 2017 Fall Algonquin College Academic Forum for Guidance Counsellors
  • Official name announcement, where the building was officially named as  (Discovery, Applied Research and Entrepreneurship) "Dare District".

My Responsibilities

  • Develop real time networking code using Photon Unity Networking
  • Annotation tools
  • Party management and tour tethering system
  • General optimization
  • Other miscellaneous tasks