Trick Coaster: Pro Shooter

Date: September, 2016 - March, 2017

Platform: PC/HTC Vive

Trick Coaster: Pro Shooter is a VR game where the player is in a platform roller coaster, and must shoot targets while doing tricks (e.g. shooting with your guns facing opposite directions, throwing and catching your gun, etc.) to achieve the highest score.

Steampunk Gala Demo

Date: April, 2017 - May, 2017

Platform: PC/HTC Vive

A VR game demo made for the "National Science and Innovation Gala". This project was made by a team of 9 people in a period of approximately 6 weeks. The project recreated a portion of the "Canada Aviation and Space Museum" with a steampunk twist.. 

DARE District Virtual Tour

Date: June, 2017 - October, 2017

Platform: PC/HTC Vive

A virtual reality tour for Algonquin's College new building, the DARE (Discovery, Applied Research, and Entrepreneurship) District, previously known as IELC. This tour provided the architects designing the building, and other college employees, a preview of how the building would look like, before it was build.